In early 2021 we decided to take the plunge and invest in our very own pasteuriser and dispenser in order to sell our delicious milk straight from the farm to our customers supporting our aims of minimsing food miles.  
It has been one of the best investments so far for our farm shop. Customers not only love the limited processing it goes through, but also, the light and refreshing texture it posesses. 
We sell our milk in 1 litre or 500ml quantities and also offer resusable, screen printed glass bottles which can be used time and time again, thus reducing your plastic use.  
Recycling is a big part of what we do here at Eastington and so far we have saved 4000 pint poly bottles from landfill and we aim to keep this number rising! 

Middlehall Farm Milk 

Award-winning, delicious pasteurised whole milk, straight from the farm, the way that nature intended – 100% Farm Fresh! 
Produced in the green pastures, just a stones throw away or 117 metres from our Eastington Farm Shop location, it was always an ambition to sell our own milk from the farm gate, so with the opening of the Farm Shop in 2019 it seemed the perfect opportunity to go for it and what a great success it has been! We sell 50 litres of milk a day totalling almost 300 litres a week! 
Simply place one of our glass bottles in the milk dispenser, hold the button until satisfied and enjoy your fresh milk, either with your breakfast, or accompanied with one of our flavoured milkshake shots! The dispenser is cleaned and sterilised daily and our milk is pasteurised several times a week, ensuring customers receive the freshest product.  
We have a great DIY milkshake section just by our dispenser. We have 4 fabulous flavours that change frequently. 
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